Our Mission


Our Mission

As the United States’ only manufacturer of Amoxicillin products, our expertise, passion and commitment are squarely focused on producing quality, life-saving antibiotics and making them widely available for the benefit of all Americans.


Amoxil® and Augmentin® account for over 30% of all antibiotics prescribed each year.

1 in 12

Approximately 1 in 12 Americans are prescribed Amoxicillin products annually.


Founded in 1978, we have a proven track record of producing quality, life-saving antibiotics.


Our more than 360,000-square-foot operation boasts tremendous production power.

What's New

30 NOV 2021

USAntibiotics, the Nation’s Sole Amoxicillin Manufacturing Facility, Launches Production to Secure Critical Supply Chain

01 SEPT 2021

USAntibiotics Appoints Company President to Lead Operations at Nation’s Only Antibiotics Manufacturer of Amoxicillin Products

30 AUG 2021

USAntibiotics Reopens Facility and Returns Antibiotic Production to the United States from China

19 APR 2021

Jackson Healthcare Saves Only U.S. Antibiotic Manufacturer of Amoxicillin; Purchases Out of Bankruptcy