As Amoxicillin Shortage Continues, USAntibiotics Urges Lawmakers to Consider Policies and Partnerships That Support U.S. Drug Manufacturers

BRISTOL, Tenn., May 11, 2023USAntibiotics, the sole licensed American manufacturer of penicillin-based Amoxicillin and Amoxicillin Clavulanate, the popular antibiotics commonly known as Amoxil® and Augmentin®, released the following statement ahead of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing titled “Examining The Root Causes Of Drug Shortages: Challenges In Pharmaceutical Drug Supply Chains.”

“Today’s hearing is an opportunity to identify solutions to address not only current drug shortages, but to prevent these shortages from happening in the future. We have witnessed time and again that the root cause of pharmaceutical drug shortages is the lack of domestic manufacturing in the United States,” said Patrick Cashman, president of USAntibiotics. “As the only remaining American manufacturer of Amoxicillin finished doses, we urge Congress to focus on long-term solutions to protect Americans’ national and public health security.”

“We believe American medicine should be made in America. It is a public health risk and a national crisis that so much of our medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturing for the United States has been offshored to foreign countries, like China, leaving us vulnerable to their whims and resulting in a lack of transparency and weakened supply chain. For America to build and maintain a sustainable generic drug industry, lawmakers must support policies that prioritize U.S. manufacturers, and ensure public-private partnerships with relevant agencies to give preference to domestically produced drugs,” added Cashman.

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USAntibiotics is the only U.S. manufacturer of Amoxicillin and Amoxicillin Clavulanate, commonly known as Amoxil and Augmentin. Based in Bristol, Tenn., it operates a world-class, 360,000-square-foot antibiotic production facility with the sole focus of making quality, life-saving antibiotics widely available for the benefit of all Americans. USAntibiotics is part of the Jackson Healthcare family of companies. For more information, visit


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